If you're looking to elevate your brand's online presence and captivate your audience on social media, you've come to the right place. With a passion for creativity and a flair for vibrant designs, I specialise in crafting engaging and eye-catching social media ads and graphics that leave a lasting impression. Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other platform, I'll tailor each design to perfectly align with your brand's personality and objectives. From attention-grabbing animated ads to compelling static graphics, my services are designed to drive engagement, increase brand awareness, and ultimately boost your business's success in the digital landscape. Let's collaborate and create visual masterpieces that resonate with your audience and take your social media game to new heights!

    I've crafted an eye-catching ad that draws your audience in with vibrant colours and dynamic visuals. This ad is crafted to engage, inform, and inspire, ensuring the CBD company receives maximum traction and participation. It was a challenge, as I had to communicate the message using minimal text. I stuck to the headline of 'win prizes' to instantly grab customers attention - so they'd then read about the competition in the caption bellow the image. The graph helped increase engagement for the company.


    The primary objective of this project was to design a funky and attention-grabbing banner that resonated with a gen z audience, encouraging them to explore the products. The banner sought to embody the brand's rebellious and trendsetting identity while sparking excitement and curiosity among potential customers. Understanding the gen z penchant for bold and vibrant aesthetics, Laura selected an electrifying colour palette and bold typography that demanded attention and conveyed the company's adventurous spirit. The banner's captivating visuals and playful animations led to increased engagement on the company's website and social media platforms.


    My client, a leading pet gift company, is dedicated to delighting pet owners with a wide range of colourful and innovative products that celebrate the love and joy of pet ownership. The primary objective of this project was to design a website graphic that encapsulated the essence of the pet gift company's brand - joyful, vibrant, and filled with love for furry companions. The graphic aimed to draw attention to their products, encourage website visitors to explore their offerings, and foster a connection with pet owners looking for unique gifts for their beloved pets.

    The personalised touch of the phone case image encouraged visitors to click on the graphic, which in turn increased the company's conversion rate. The graphic also garnered praise from customers, who appreciated the creative and heartfelt representation of their pets.

    The colourful website graphic successfully elevated the appeal of the company and fostered a strong emotional connection with pet owners. By showcasing the product range in a visually captivating and interactive manner, the graphic enticed visitors to explore the company's offerings and celebrate the love they have for their furry companions.


    The primary objective of this project was to design an infographic that showcased the fascinating transformation of swimwear over the decades, capturing the attention of fashion enthusiasts and history buffs alike. The infographic aimed to educate readers about the impact of societal norms, fashion icons, and technological advancements on swimwear trends while maintaining a vibrant and visually appealing aesthetic.

    To capture the essence of each era, Laura researched and identified the iconic swimwear styles prevalent during different decades. The infographic would visually depict the distinctive features and key fashion elements of each era.

    The use of a vibrant and diverse colour palette was central to the design strategy. Despite showcasing diverse swimwear styles, Laura ensured the infographic maintained a cohesive visual language. Consistent design elements and clean typography unified the various sections.

    The Swimwear Through the Decades infographic proved to be an engaging and educational content piece. The visually captivating infographic garnered high readership and retention rates, captivating fashion enthusiasts and history lovers.

    The infographic's vibrant and visually appealing design encouraged social media sharing, further expanding the reach.

    Readers appreciated the historical context provided by the infographic, enhancing their understanding of fashion's cultural evolution.

    The infographic proved to be a resounding success, exemplifying the power of combining history with creative design.