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    When your new phone arrives with a standard coloured back, it can feel a little impersonal. Well, now, you can add your own creative flare to your devices with the range of custom iPhone cases.

    Custom iPhone Cases - Personalised iPhone Cases

    Why Should You Buy Custom iPhone Cases?

    Custom iPhone Cases Have Lots of Benefits

    Cute clear phone cases jazz up your device and allow you to show-off your creative flair. But, they also have practical benefits, too. By creating a unique phone cases, with a name, nickname or message on it, you can easier identity which phone is yours. Chances are you have the same or a smilier phone to family or friends, so it can clear up confusion.

    Furthermore, device cases also help protect your device. If you’re accident prone, a shock-absorbent phone case is less likely to break if you drop your phone and it may help protect your device, too.

    Help Ordering Custom iPhone Cases

    Pick Your Product

    The first step is kind of obvious, but important non-the-less. Your first task is to browse our site and choose the device case you like most. This is the really fun part (well, we think so anyway).

    Personalise the Design

    We have a super easy personalisation process that you don’t need design skills for. You just have to type in your desired personalisation text on to the product page and add your product to your basket.


    Once you’ve chosen your personalisation text, head over to the check-out and buy your product. We’ll receive your personalisation when the order is submitted. 

    Your unique product is created

    After you purchase the product, we work our magic and edit the design file to include your personalisation. The design file is then submitted and sent to our fulfilment partners. Our fulfilment partner make the product and ship it directly to you. 

    Different Types of Custom iPhone Cases

    We’re constantly getting new technology releases that you need new cases for. Whether your device is new or you want to bring new life to an old device, we have lots of custom iPhone cases on offer.

    Personalising your cute iPhone cases helps your phone or iPad to truly feel like its your own. They’re especially great for people with lots of creative flare that like to add unique touches to their possessions. Alternatively, personalised phone cases or personalised iPad cases can make a great gift. Some types of personalised device cases we offer, include:

    Personalised iPhone Cases

    Apple iPhone’s have become extremely popular, so our personalised iPhone cases are one of our best sellers. We offer iPhone cases to fit most models. These include: iPhone 14 cases, iPhone 13 cases, iPhone 12 cases, iPhone XR cases and more. Take a look around our site to find iPhone cases that you can personalise for your device.

    Personalised Android Cases

    If you don’t own an iPhone, then we’re guessing you have an Android device. (Unless you’ve decided to go completely off the grid). We have a great range of personalised iPhone cases that including Samsung Galaxy S21 cases and Samsung Galaxy S22 cases. We even have some eco-friendly cases on offer that are fully biodegradable, which is better for the environment.

    Personalised iPad Cases

    We don’t only offer personalised device cases for iPhones and Android phones, we also have personalised iPad cases, too. These cases will both help to protect your device and add some creative flair to show-off your personality.

    We have a range of personalised iPad cases to fit different iPads. This includes iPad 4 cases, iPad 3 cases, iPad 2 cases, iPad 4 mini cases, iPad Air 2 cases, iPad 3 mini cases, iPad 2 mini cases and more.

    Examples of Our Best Selling Personalised Device Cases?

    Personalisation is super cool, especially when it comes to device cases, and you can really add your creative flair. Although, it can be really hard to know which cases to choose. If you’re struggling to device, we’re leading a helping hand by sharing some of our best sellers and favourite device cases at Lava Your Style.

    The Personalised Chase Your Dreams Phone Cases

    We love this case! It’s eco-friendly, as it biodegrades fully, which is a lot better for our planet than other options. Plus, the design is so cute, in bright rainbow colours that will stand-out from the crowd. It also comes with an inspirational message that acts as a reminder to follow your dreams (something we all need from time to time). Plus, you can fully customise the cases by adding in your name to the design, so it really will become your own personal reminder. We have this design in both android cases and iPhones cases.

    The Personalised Bee-live in Yourself iPad Case

    This design is super cute! It’s covered in smiling, happy bees that are sure to warm your heart. At Lava Your Style, we’re suckers for puns. That’s why we’ve made this inspirational message into a fun pun that’ll make you smile. You can even add your own name to the design as a personal reminder. We sell this design as iPad mini cases, iPad Air Cases, iPad 4 cases & more.

    The Personalised Support Other Women Phone Case

    We love this design as you can completely personalise the text to really express your own creativity. We have some examples of text you could use in the product images which will hopefully give you some ideas. We also love the illustration of a diverse mix of women because women are all different but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t support each other.

    The Personalised Digital Paradise iPad Case

    I feel like we say this about all our iPad cases, because they’re all so cool, but this one is one of our favourites. With the rise of social media, it can feel like the online world has become a toxic place that negatively effects mental wellbeing. But, it doesn’t have to be, here at Lava Your Style we’re passionate about promoting a digital paradise, that’s filled with positive content. You can start your journey with our personalised digital paradise iPad case.

    The Personalised Support Other Women iPad Case

    You’ve seen our personalised support other women iPhone case, now it’s time to talk about our matching personalised support other women iPad case. Don’t know about you, but at Lava Your Style, we love when things are matching, so, purchase both our iPhone and iPad cases to match your devices now! Don’t forget to add your personalised text, add your name or create your own slogan, the options are endless.

    Device Case Features to Look Out For

    Choosing an personalised device cases is so much more than just selecting the coolest design (although, that’s important, too). Here we’re going to talk you through some of the special features our cases at Lava Your Style have, to help you decide which case is best for you.

    Try Our Biodegradable Phone Cases

    Eco-friendly products are becoming more and more popular, as looking after our environment is extremely important. We’re hoping to add more eco-friendly products, as our fulfilment partners offer them. One example of an eco-friendly product we’re selling at the minute is our eco-friendly phone cases.

    These phone cases are biodegradable. Biodegradable phone cases fully biodegrade in soil after around 6 months. They are also free of 2 big environmentally harming chemicals, which are phthalates and BPA.

    Your Phone Needs Protection

    A case isn’t just there to look pretty, it’s also needed to protect your phone or device. Our cases have a great range of features that help protect your phone. These include:

    Shock Absorbance

    If you’re clumsy or accident prone you might want to consider a case that offers extra protection when dropped. We have a great range of shock absorbent cases, some of which have been tested over a 5 foot drop for protection.

    Screen Protection

    Some of our phone cases also have extra screen protection. They come with a raised rim that helps to protect your screen and some even have a non-slip cover to help you keep a firm grip on your phone to help prevent you loosing grip on it.

    Why You Should Buy Custom iPhone Cases from Lava Your Style?

    Support Us & We’ll Support You

    At Lava Your Style we have a motto: support us and we’ll support you. We have lots of plans to give back, such as creating our wellbeing hub with advice articles that’ll help raise mental health awareness and improve personal wellbeing.

    We’re also aiming to make our site more environmentally friendly. We’re part of a program that plants a tree for every sale we make. We also have a print-on-demand business structure. This means we print products after you place your order, reduce waste and stopping over-production. This method also create less air miles, as our products are shipped directly from the fulfilment company and don’t have to travel to us first.

    What to Consider When Choosing Custom iPhone Cases

    Think About Themes & Colours

    One of the most exciting aspects of getting a new phone, is picking out a fun cases for it. Our personalised cases come in all sorts of colours and have various design themes. Think about what your favourite colours and patterns are to pick out the best personalised phone case for you. You can also take a look at our non-personalised phone cases with have a range of different positive messages to offer you some daily inspiration.

    Think About Material

    Both our personalised and non-personalised phone cases and device cases are made from different materials. We have our range of eco-friendly phone cases which are biodegradable and made without harsh chemicals. We also have our polycarbonate phone cases, which are clear. This gives them a cool look and means you can still see your phone through the case.

    Consider Unique Phone Case Features

    As we discussed earlier, it’s important to pay attention to the features a phone case has. We have shock absorbent phone cases, which are less likely to break when dropped.

    We also have phone cases with camera protection, to protect your camera phone. This is especially important if you’re also snapping pictures on your phone. Some of our phone cases also have air-pockets on the corners which offer further protection, too.

    If you’re unsure what features each cases has, please read the product description, which will list and explain all the features the custom iPhone cases have.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Our Custom iPhone Cases

    Is buying a personalised device case a good idea?

    At Lava Your Style we believe personalised device cases are the way to go. They’ll you to add a unique touch to your device, so you can truly mark it as your own. More and more of us are looking for unique products that allow us to show off our individuality. If you love fun and creative designs our personalised device cases would be a great choice for you.

    Why are personalised device cases special?

    Buying personalised device cases for yourself isn’t the only option. You can also pick out personalised phone cases for birthdays or Christmas. They make awesome gifts that will leave loved ones smiling from ear to ear.

    What are some personalised device cases?

    We offer a wide range of device cases which include iPhone cases, Android cases and iPad cases that you can personalise. Simply select the case you want and tell us the personalisation you’d like on the design. Take a look at our full range so you don’t miss out.

    Who Should Buy Personalised Device Cases?

    Anyone can buy a personalised device cases. They’re ideal if you’ve just brought a new phone or if you want to change up an old device. They also make great presents, as the personalisation adds sentimental value to the gift.


    You can customise custom iPhone cases with your name or someone else’s name if you’re looking to purchase a gift. Personalised device cases are ideal for special occasions like birthday’s or Christmas. Check out our great range of personalised phone cases and personalised iPad cases now to add a creative spark to your device. At Lava Your Style we have an excellent range of device cases, including iPad cases, iPhone cases and Android cases.

    More from us - We don’t just sell personalised device cases, we also have a great range of non-personalised cases with inspirational messages and creative designs. Browse Lava Your Style now!