Stationery Organizing: How to organize your stationery for maximum productivity
    Sep 2023

    Stationery may seem like a small and mundane part of your workspace, but its organization can have a significant impact on your productivity. Whether you're a student, a professional, or someone who enjoys creative pursuits, a well-organized stationery setup can save you time, reduce stress, and boost your overall efficiency. In this article, we'll explore some effective strategies to help you organize your stationery for maximum productivity.

    Stationery Organizing Tips:

    Assess Your Stationery Inventory:

    Before diving into organization, take a moment to assess your stationery inventory. Gather all your pens, pencils, markers, cute notebooks, sticky notes, paperclips, and any other stationery items you use regularly. Lay them out on a table or a clean surface to get a clear view of what you have.

    Declutter and Sort:

    The next step is decluttering. Discard any items that are damaged, dried out, or no longer serve a purpose. At the same time, you don't want to be wasteful. Look for items that can be repurposed, recycled or up-cycled. A item that looks damaged now could easily have a second life. 

    Select a Dedicated Stationery Storage Solution:

    Now that you've streamlined your stationery collection, it's time to choose a storage solution. The right storage system will depend on your space and personal preferences. Here are a few options:

    Desk Organizer: A desk organizer with multiple compartments is great for keeping frequently used items within arm's reach.

    Drawer Dividers: If you prefer a clean, minimalist desk, consider using drawer dividers to separate and organize your stationery inside a desk drawer.

    Clear Containers: Transparent containers or jars are an excellent choice for those who want a visually pleasing stationery display. They also make it easy to see what you have.

    Create a System:

    Now that you have your storage solution in place, it's time to create an organizational system. Consider the following tips:

    Frequently Used Items at the Front: Place the items you use most often in the most accessible spots. This could include your favorite pen, a notebook for quick notes, or sticky notes for reminders.

    Labeling: Use labels or sticky notes to identify the contents of containers or drawers. This makes it easier to locate specific items quickly.

    Color Coding: Consider color-coding your stationery. For instance, use different colors for different types of pens or highlighters to quickly distinguish them.

    Put Things Away After Using Them:

    I know, this one can be difficult, but your space is never going to stay organized if you don't put things back. Plus, if you stay on top of things, you avoid having to re-organize your stationery again a week later.

    Personalize Your Space:

    Your stationery organization doesn't have to be purely functional; it can also reflect your personality and style. Invest in stationery organizers and containers that match your aesthetic preferences. A visually appealing workspace can boost your motivation and creativity.

    Digital Tools for Added Efficiency:

    While physical stationery is essential, don't forget to integrate digital tools into your workflow. Apps for note-taking, task management, and document scanning can complement your physical stationery setup, providing a seamless transition between the analog and digital worlds.


    Organizing your stationery might seem like a minor task, but it can have a significant impact on your productivity and overall work or study experience. A well-organized stationery setup reduces clutter, saves you time, and enhances your workspace's aesthetics. So, take the time to declutter, sort, and create an efficient storage system for your stationery. Your future self will thank you for the increased productivity and reduced stress that comes from a well-organized stationery collection.

    Unsure how to organize your space?

    Here's a list of top products for stationery organizing:

    Desk Organizer: A desk organizer with compartments of various sizes is perfect for keeping pens, pencils, scissors, paperclips, and other small stationery items neatly arranged on your desk.

    Drawer Dividers: Use drawer dividers to create sections within your desk drawers, making it easy to separate and organize different types of stationery.

    Clear Plastic Bins or Containers: Transparent plastic bins or containers allow you to see the contents easily and are great for storing larger items like notebooks, paper pads, and art supplies.

    Letter Trays: Letter trays or stacking paper organizers are excellent for keeping documents, mail, and important papers sorted and accessible.

    Magnetic Whiteboard or Chalkboard: These boards can be used to display to-do lists, notes, and calendars, helping you stay organized and on top of your tasks.

    Desktop File Organizer: Ideal for sorting and storing files, bills, and important documents, a desktop file organizer helps keep your workspace clutter-free.

    Cable Management Solutions: To keep charging cables and cords organized, consider cable clips, cord organizers, or cable sleeves that prevent tangles and clutter.

    Label Maker: A label maker allows you to create neat labels for your storage containers, drawers, and files, ensuring everything has a designated place.

    Pencil Cases or Pouches: These are perfect for keeping your pens, pencils, erasers, and other writing tools organized, especially when you need to take them on the go.

    Binder Clips and Paper Clips Dispenser: Binder clips and paper clips can be stored in a dispenser, making them easily accessible and preventing them from scattering around your desk.

    Notebook or Planner: A well-structured notebook or planner can help you keep track of important dates, tasks, and notes in an organized manner.

    Wall-Mounted Shelves: Wall shelves provide additional storage space for books, folders, or decorative items, helping you maximize vertical space.

    Hanging File Folders: Hanging file folders are excellent for organizing and categorizing important documents in filing cabinets or file drawers.

    Desktop Organizer with Drawers: This type of organizer often includes small drawers for storing paperclips, sticky notes, and other small office supplies.

    Rotating Desk Caddy: A rotating caddy with multiple compartments is a space-saving solution that allows you to access various stationery items with a quick spin.

    Desk Cable Organizer: These devices keep charging cables and wires tidy by preventing them from slipping off the desk and getting tangled.

    Magnetic Pen Holder: A magnetic pen holder can be attached to a whiteboard or metal surface, keeping your writing instruments within reach.

    Storage Cart: A rolling storage cart with drawers is versatile and can be used to store a wide range of stationery items, art supplies, or crafting materials.

    Filing Cabinet: A filing cabinet provides secure storage for important documents and files, helping you maintain a structured filing system.

    Under-Desk Cable Management Trays: These trays help hide and organize cables under your desk, reducing clutter and making your workspace safer.

    Remember that the best organizing products for your stationery will depend on your specific needs, the size of your workspace, and your personal preferences. Tailor your organization system to suit your workflow, and you'll enjoy a more efficient and clutter-free workspace.

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