Personalised Gifts for Women: How to Choose Personalised Gifts Guide
    Aug 2023

    Embracing the art of gifting takes a whole new level of thoughtfulness. Personalised gifts hold the power to transform ordinary moments into cherished memories, offering a unique and heartfelt touch. In a world filled with mass-produced products, personalised gifts for women stand out as tokens of affection crafted to celebrate their individuality and significance. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or any occasion that warrants celebration, personalised gifts are creative and sentimental.

    How to Choose Personalised Gifts for Women

    What are personalised gifts?

    Gift-giving is a way to show someone just how much you care about them. Personalised gifts stand-out, as they show thoughtfulness and affection. But what exactly are personalised gifts, and why should you buy them?

    The Essence of Personalisation

    At its core, personalisation involves tailoring a gift to an individual's preferences, memories, or experiences. It transforms a simple item into a cherished possession by adding a touch of uniqueness. From names and initials to significant dates and heartfelt messages, personalisation weaves the recipient's story into the fabric of the gift.

    A World of Possibilities

    You know what’s really great about personalised gifts? Pretty much any item can be personalised - from notebooks to t-shirts. That means that you’ll find personalised gifts that suit everyone’s tastes.

    Celebrate Individuality

    Everyone has their own unique interests, passions, and experiences, personalised gifts acknowledge and embrace this distinctiveness. At Lava Your Style you can pick personalised gifts with designs that match your special someone’s personality and customise them with their name to add that extra special touch.

    Touching Milestones and Memories

    Personalised gifts have a remarkable way of commemorating significant milestones and memories. Whether it's a milestone birthday, a wedding anniversary, or a graduation, a personalised gift adds an extra layer of significance to the occasion.

    Emotional Connection and Thoughtfulness

    Perhaps the best aspect of personalised gifts for women is the emotional connection they foster. Knowing that someone has taken the time to curate a gift specifically for you will spread the love. The thoughtfulness behind a personalised gift is often more important than the gift itself, creating a lasting emotional bond between the giver and the recipient.

    Possessions come and go but a personalised gifts will be chearised for years to come. Browse our excellent range of personalised gifts at Lava Your Style now.


    Personalised Gifts for Women - notebook with flamingo pattern and notebook with flower pattern

    How to choose personalised gifts?

    We now know what personalised gifts are and why they’re so special, but how do you choose a personalised gift? It can be tricky, especially if you don’t consider yourself the best at choosing gifts.

    Know Your Recipient

    Before you hit the store front, you need to know your recipient. If you don’t know them that well, ask people that do to get a better understanding. You want to consider their hobbies, passions, and the things that bring them joy. Are they a book lover, a nature enthusiast, a traveler, or a foodie? Tailoring the gift to their individuality adds that extra special layer.

    Capture Sentimental Moments

    Recall shared memories, inside jokes, and meaningful moments you've experienced with the recipient. This point is especially important if you’re choosing a gift with personalised text. Don’t just use a generic message, take the opportunity to use a shared joke or a pet name - something that’s meaningful.

    Reflect Their Style

    Pay attention to the recipient's aesthetic preferences. Do they gravitate toward minimalism, vintage charm, modern elegance, or vibrant colors? Choosing a gift that aligns with their style will get you some extra brownie points.

    Practicality and Usefulness

    Okay, so you want a gift that’s meaningful, but it’s also got to be practical. It’s no good buying someone something they’re never going to use. At Lava Your Style, we stock an excellent range of personalised notebooks and personalised homeware that the receiver is sure to use.

    Quality Matters

    Quality speaks volumes about your intentions. Opt for high-quality materials and craftsmanship that reflect the significance of the occasion and the recipient's value in your life. A well-crafted personalised gift stands as a testament to your attention to detail.

    Time and Effort

    Choosing a personalised gift requires time and effort. It's not a last-minute decision but a deliberate act of creating a meaningful connection. Start the process early to ensure that the final product is a reflection of your genuine care and thoughtfulness.

    Personalise the Experience

    Beyond the physical gift, consider how you can enhance the entire experience. Present the gift in a meaningful setting, create a surprise element, or even plan an activity around the unveiling. The complete experience adds an extra layer of delight.


    Personalised Gifts They’ll Love

    The last step in the process is to start shopping and, you know, actually buy the gift. Here’s a round-up of some of our favourtie personalised gifts at Lava Your Style.

    Personalised Notebooks

    We love personalised notebooks because they’re something that most people will use and appreciate. They’re not like tops or jewelry, where personal taste plays more of a factor. You can explore our excellent range of personalised notebooks, like our stars and moon notebook.

    Personalised Homeware

    Personalised homeware is another good choice, and something most people will appreciate. It’s a little more tricky because you need to make sure what you’re buying will match the person's decor. Make sure you put some extra thought and effort into the gifting experience when buying these gifts.

    Personalised Phone Cases

    Personalised phone cases are a great choice, they’re ideal if you're buying someone a new phone, as you can also surprise them with a phone case, too. You can even add some fun into the mix and get them to open the phone case first as a tease.

    Personalised Clothing

    Personalised clothing is the trickiest gift to buy because you have the challenge of getting the right size and matching their personal taste. I find this gift is best reserved for someone you know really well, like your partner.

    Personalised Accessories

    These can be a great alternative to personalised clothing, as you don’t have to contend with size. Bags are a fun choice, especially for a child, as they’ll come in useful for a school bag. Browse our range of accessories now.


    Personalised Gifts for Women - Tiger Notebook & Female Pattern Phone Case


    Personalised gifts for women are a lot of fun, and if you follow our tips, you’re sure to find a personalised gift that will match the receiver’s tastes. Browse our full range of gifts at Lava Your Style now.