Back to School Checklist: Essentials You Need for the New School Year
    Sep 2023

    Here's a comprehensive back-to-school checklist to help you stay organized and prepared for the upcoming school year:

    School Supplies:

    1. Notebooks or binders for each subject.

    2. Pens, pencils, and erasers.

    3. Highlighters and markers.

    4. Ruler, protractor, and compass for math and geometry classes.

    5. Calculator (if required).

    6. Pencil case or pouch to store your supplies.

    7. Sticky notes and index cards for studying.

    8. Backpack or bookbag to carry your books and supplies.

    9. Lunchbox or reusable containers if you bring your lunch.

    10. Water bottle for staying hydrated throughout the day.

    Textbooks and Course Materials:

    11. Check with your school to see if you need to purchase or rent textbooks.

    12. Gather any required course materials, such as art supplies or lab equipment.

    School Uniform or Dress Code:

    13. Ensure you have the appropriate clothing, including uniforms, if your school has a dress code.

    Technology and Electronics:

    14. Laptop or tablet, if required for classes.

    15. Chargers for your devices.

    16. Headphones or earbuds for listening to lectures or studying.

    17. USB drive or external hard drive for backing up important files.

    Organization and Planning:

    18. Academic planner or calendar to keep track of assignments and deadlines.

    19. Folders or dividers to organize papers and assignments.

    20. Sticky labels for labeling your textbooks and supplies.

    21. Backpack organizer or pouches to keep your items tidy.

    22. Wall calendar for the family to track schedules and important dates.

    Personal Care and Health:

    23. Personal hygiene items like toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant.

    24. Any necessary medications and a note from your doctor if needed at school.

    25. Face masks and hand sanitizer (if required).

    Extracurricular Activities:

    26. Supplies or equipment for sports, clubs, or after-school activities.

    27. Musical instruments, if you're in band or orchestra.


    28. Bus pass or transportation arrangements if you don't drive to school.

    29. Bike lock and helmet if you ride your bike to school.

    Emergency Contact Information:

    30. Update your emergency contact information with the school, including phone numbers and addresses.


    31. Student ID or school-issued identification.

    32. Money for cafeteria purchases or vending machines.

    33. Permission slips or forms that need to be returned to school.

    34. Extra set of house keys (if applicable).

    35. Personal items that provide comfort, such as a small stuffed animal or stress-relief items.

    Special Needs:

    36. If you have special needs, ensure you have any required accommodations or equipment.

    Orientation and Open House:

    37. Attend school orientation or open house events to get acquainted with teachers, schedules, and school policies.

    Parent-Teacher Communication:

    38. Discuss school expectations and goals with your parents or guardians.

    Study Space:

    39. Set up a designated study space at home with good lighting and minimal distractions.

    Back-to-School Wardrobe:

    40. Check your wardrobe to ensure you have appropriate clothing for school.

    Remember that this checklist can be adjusted to meet your specific needs and school requirements. Starting the school year with a well-organized and prepared approach can help you succeed academically and reduce stress. Happy back-to-school planning!

    Our Top Products for Back to School

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    3. Cacti Notebook:

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    At Lava Your Style, we believe that the right notebook can inspire and empower students throughout their academic journey. As you embark on another school year filled with learning and growth, let your choice of notebook be a reflection of your unique spirit and a source of motivation to reach for the stars. Elevate your school days with our favorite notebooks, and let the pages within them become a canvas for your dreams and ideas to flourish.